Accrue by SumAssembly is making payouts easier, faster, and more efficient

SumAssembly aims to tailor payout solutions that are direct, intuitive, and localized, in order to usher forth a more inclusive future of Web Monetization that empowers more people from more backgrounds.

Accrue is the creation of David Benoit and Christina Kinney, seasoned payments industry veterans. They saw the possibilities of Web Monetization - a solution for who gets paid, how much, and why - but knew that remittance back to a content creator would remain exceptionally difficult and expensive. They felt that the handful of options that currently exist for creators to be paid are too cumbersome, slow, and riddled with fees and delays. Accrue was created as the solution to solve these problems.

Flagship Award Winner, Grant for the Web

Grant for the Web is a fund to boost open, fair, and inclusive standards and innovation in Web Monetization.

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